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St Columb Ball Finial

This was one of my favourite cast projects. 

I was commissioned to produce a lead finial for the Town Hall roof in St Columb in Cornwall. 

Because the town is home to a traditional ball game called Hurling, the town council asked if the finial could be a larger replica of the ball used in the game, complete with the game’s slogan embossed. 

Because of the large void in the ballI, I had the idea of filling it with a time-capsule created by the town’s primary school. The idea was a success, and I took the almost finished ball to the school from them to see it and place the items inside before welding it shut for however many decades or even centuries it will remain sealed. 

The BBC local news kindly covered the story too, filming the ball being made, at the school being filled, and being fitted on the top of the Town Hall bell turret.